Fox's Lawn Maintenance - Landscaping | Barto, PA

Get the best yard maintenance for your yard

You may love having a great-looking yard, but keep up with its care and maintenance can be quite the chore. Why not let the guys with more than 20 years of experience handle it for you?


At Fox's Lawn Maintenance, we'll manage all of your lawn care needs, from mowing to weed control to sod installation. Call us for a free estimate.

Enhance your business' outdoor property

If you own a business, make your life easier by having us mow and even aerate and fertilize your grass to keep it healthy and vibrant looking. You'll enjoy a well-trimmed lawn, and your customers will, too! Interested in residential services instead? We do homes as well - just give us a call.

Guard your plants against unwanted perils

  • Pesticide application (including spraying for ticks)

  • Shrub and tree spraying

  • Fungicide spraying

  • Soil injection for trees and shrubs

Finish off your outdoor look with mulch

Make your beds and trees stand out by having fresh mulch put in. Not only does the mulch provide a nice contrast, it's also beneficial to your plants by controlling weeds and erosion. We'll also perform shrub trimming, installation, and removal.

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